PIDA 2017 – Sustainability Award

The growing trend of consumer awareness towards the impact of their actions on the environment has seen Plantic Technologies successful in developing and commercialising ultra-high barrier bio-plastic materials. One of the ranges of materials PLANTIC™ R has many unique features, ultra-high barrier, renewably sourced, high clarity and certified. PLANTIC™ R material is utilising the best of Plantic bio based high barrier material with PET to create a material that is globally unique. PLANTIC™ R material is manufactured using modern technology where thin layers of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) are adhered to a core layer of renewably sourced, ultra-high barrier PLANTIC™ HP sheet. The PLANTIC™ HP core provides exceptional gas barrier and the PET provides moisture/water vapour barrier to the structure. PLANTIC™ R is very versatile and suitable to most thermoforming and tray sealing applications. The renewable content can be altered to meet specific requirements. Among the unique features of PLANTIC R™ include: Recyclable High Barrier Pack, High renewable content, Outstanding gas barrier performance, Excellent barrier to taint and odour, Sealable to PET based lidding films and Excellent surface gloss.