Our Vision

Conventional plastics are derived from oil and gas feedstock, therfore once their useful life has finished, they can take many years to break down. If they do decompose, they leave an oil-based residue which can be extremely harmful to water or soil, wildlife and humans. The waste they create produces an environmental crisis of global proportions.

One of the most successful and promising solutions to this crisis is known as ‘bioplastics’. These are polymer products made from organic materials, which decompose easily and safely. Plantic Technologies Ltd is widely recognised as an international innovator in the field of bioplastics.

A New Era in Accountable Science

Plantic Technologies Ltd are pioneers in developing bioplastics, in both renewable sourced and 100% biodegradable products. We have and continue to develop bioplastics alternatives to conventional plastics, based on corn. Since corn is one of the most widely cultivated and economically raised crops on the planet, it ensures a diverse range of raw materials that can be produced cost-effectively, without complicated manufacturing processes or unnecessary wastage.

Plantic Technologies Ltd is proud to be part of a new era in accountable science, dedicated to ensuring a healthier environment, reducing waste and waste management costs, while providing all the advantages of the ‘old’ technology in terms of flexibility and functionality. Our goal is to redefine the nature of plastics across the board and around the globe. We want to lead the revolution in bioresponsible technology at all levels, from the classrooms to the boardrooms, and all the manufacturing facilities and shopping aisles in between.

Our Vision