Statement from the CEO

Plantic is a world leader in bio based materials. Our range of products is used across the planet by leading brand owners and retailers.

PLANTIC™ was invented to address the need to replace diminishing fossil fuels and provide the next generation of performance plastics.

PLANTIC™ materials have developed and matured into high performance plastic used for a broad range of packaging applications.

PLANTIC™ materials unique points of difference include:

Plantic’s technology is globally unique and changing the nature of plastics

At Plantic we believe packaging and plastics play a key role in our lives. We believe that plastics need to deliver, first and foremost, performance in the task they have been selected for, but also with view to the future and the sustainability of our planet. PLANTIC™ materials are chosen because of their outstanding performance properties and environmental credentials.

PLANTIC™ materials a constantly developing and evolving. We strive to find environmentally superior solutions to our customer’s needs.

PLANTIC™ is a great example of the innovation and product development at Plantic. By taking Plantic’s biodegradable technology and using industry standard sealing layers PLANTIC™ laminated materials were developed to deliver an unrivalled high barrier rigid packaging material which can extend the shelf life of fresh products such as meats, fish and pastas. PLANTIC™ requires no investment in new processing or packaging technology but is a drop in replacement for a range of traditional plastics used in modified atmosphere and high barrier packaging.

Plantic is constantly developing and innovating. New products the area of barrier lidding films, shrink films and rigid foam products are just round the corner. At Plantic we invest significantly in new technologies and are leading in the area of environmental high performance barrier materials.

At Plantic we believe in changing the nature of plastics, the but not at the expense of functional performance.

Statement from the CEO