Plantic Technologies Limited is a world leading innovator in bioplastics, with a track record of science and industry awards, an international network of corporate customers and distributors, and a growing list of premium quality multinational research and development partners.

Plantic Technologies Ltd head office, principal manufacturing and Research & Development facility is based in Australia. The company also has sales offices located within the Kuraray group in many locations throughout the globe.

A New Approach to Plastic

Plantic Technologies Ltd has achieved a unique place in the world market for bioplastics through proprietary technology that delivers biodegradable and renewable sourced alternatives to conventional plastics based on corn; which is not genetically modified. Plantic’s polymer as well as its raw material, are grown in a field unlike other bioplastics companies who utilise organic materials but whose polymers are still developed in refineries. The entire process integrates the science of organic innovation with commercial and industrial productivity in a new way. The result is both a broad range of immediate performance and cost advantages, along with long-term environmental and sustainability benefits.

Plantic’s commitment is to provide bioresponsible material solutions for the world market delivering all the functionality of conventional petrochemically derived plastics in an economical and ecosensitive way.