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Easter eggs, soft centres and premium products are all applications which PLANTIC™ supplies around the world. Protect and promote your product with PLANTIC™ to stand at the forefront of producers around the world.

PLANTIC™ HP trays offer anti-static and odour barrier solutions, essential for chocolate packaging. They are fully biodegradable, water dispersible, home compostable and compostable.

PLANTIC™ HP is a high performance sheet grade suitable for thermoforming applications (eg. for packing foods and goods with water activity of 35% to 70%).

Ultra-high barrier PLANTIC™ materials extend the freshness and shelf life of products up to 40% and are made of up to 80% renewable material. PLANTIC™ is cost competitive compared to conventional materials and used by the worlds leading retailers and processors.

Our range of options covers all applications and allows us to give you the best possible solution for your product. Plain films, printed or a wide variety of colours lets the pack give the product the best possible appearance.

PLANTIC™ materials run on all standard packaging equipment.

Our team of packaging professionals are available to assist with all of your requirements contact us today and put PLANTIC™ to the test.


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