The Power of Consumer Choice

Plantic Technologies is proud that our bioresponsible technology has been embraced by some of the world’s largest and most important corporations.

Our list of premium quality customers, distributors and research and development partners continues to grow as world markets become ever more conscious of the need for more cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to the problems of plastics manufacture and waste reduction.

But most importantly of all PLANTIC™ appeals to the critical audience in the environmental/economic equation, the consumer. Today consumers throughout the world are seeking ways in which their individual decision making can make a positive difference. We want to support this desire for positive change in every way that we can. Below are some links to organisations whose work we value. For individuals and families who want to be part of the progressive spirit of revolution and evolution in consumer attitudes, they provide a wealth of ideas, contacts and sources of further information. Some you may already know about, some you may not.

We also offer this report, which provides an international perspective on the issues of plastics waste, their costs and their potential solution.

We hope you return to this site in the future for more updates and information on how what you do matters. Because the Plantic brand philosophy is that we all can make a difference.


Greener Choices

Science and Environmental Health Network

Union of Concerned Scientists


The Utne Reader

Mother Earth News

European Bioplastics Association

Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA)

Australian Packaging Council

CHOICE (The Australian Consumers’ Association