Disposing of waste in a landfill involves burying the waste, this remains a common practice in most countries. With the environmental awareness, the modern landfill facilities are equipped with biogas entrapment for energy production. Landfill biogas is produced by wet organic waste decomposing under anaerobic conditions in a landfill. The waste is covered and mechanically compressed by the weight of the material that is deposited from above. This material prevents oxygen exposure thus allowing anaerobic microbes to thrive. This gas builds up and is slowly released which can be captured to be put to good use as fuel.

Biogas can be utilized for electricity production on sewage works in a CHP gas engine, where the waste heat from the engine is conveniently used for heating the digester; cooking; space heating; water heating; and process heating.

PLANTIC™ materials unlike petrochemical based plastics and like organic waste decomposes in landfill and generates biogas. This is another benefit over conventional plastics which do not undergo decomposition in landfill creating solid waste and remaining as waste for millions of years.