High barrier paper solutions that are able to run through standard recycling streams, our newest paper and board based products are proving to be popular amongst our customers who are looking for a differentiator. The paper range runs on a large variety of equipment and our experts are able to ready to assist with your needs. Contact us today for a full evaluation from equipment, shelf life to pack solutions.

PLANTIC™ PF – This flexible solution is ready for a wide range of applications including pouches and lidding.

PLANTIC™ PV – High barrier board solution used widely as a skin base web.




Research & Development
Our Research & Development centre has a fully equipped laboratory complete with the necessary wet chemistry apparatus, thermal, mechanical and rheological analytical equipment.

Plantic Advantages

Plantic Advantages
Plantic Technology Ltd's primary feedstock for our plastics is a naturally high amylose starch , derived from corn which has been hybridised over a number generations.