Plantic Technologies are a innovative company that design high barrier packing materials to solve todays problems. Our materials use a plant based core layer and a large recycled content. These multilayer materials also have the ability to be recycled in a standard recycling process. The high barrier performance has shown to improve shelf life of the product packed this improvement has shown to save food loss at the retail store and the consumers home. With superior environmental benefits Plantics materials are proving a popular replacement for many retailers and brand owners who are looking for a competitive edge. Our materials have won many global awards and offer a true circular economy in the world of barrier packaging.
Plantic-based products are inherently anti-static. They provide an excellent gas, taint and odour barrier, and are safe and easy to work with. They are sealable, printable and laser etchable. They can also be hybridised to work in conjunction with conventional plastics, thus creating a potentially limitless range of uses.
Unlike other forms of bioplastic, Plantic is produced from organic material: corn starch derived from high amylose, non-genetically modified corn. Other bioplastics companies utilise such natural materials as corn starch, but then develop the polymers that enable this material to take on the capabilities of plastic via a complex and expensive refinery process. Plantic’s patented technology is based on the utilisation of the long amylose molecule in corn starch, a naturally occurring polymer. The entire process, from harvest through to manufacture is organic and more cost effective as a result. The unique chemical properties of the amylose molecule also give Plantic material the capacity to be customised to suit a broader range of applications than other bioplastics.
Plantic Technologies has a global network of offices and support staff backed by Kuraray. Please contact us for assistance in your region.
You may be already without even knowing it. Increasingly, environmentally aware consumers are choosing to make their purchasing decisions based on the incorporation of Plantic material, because they want to reduce plastic waste. Major global brand owners and retailers have been quick to adopt this technology as a result of the consumer push towards a better plastic solution.