Case Studies

PLANTIC™ is currently used by some of the worlds leading processors and retailers. We are always developing new PLANTIC™ materials and applications in conjunction with the worlds leading companies. Here you will find a variety of case studies which will give you an insight into what is happening with PLANTIC™ in the past and currently.

Marks & Spencer have introduced a new range of Swiss chocolates with “environmentally friendly” packaging from Plantic Technologies.

Marks & Spencer

Haigh’s Chocolates, Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturing retailer, has introduced Plantic® biodegradable packaging for their White Ballotins Chocolate Box.

Cadbury Schweppes was the first company in the world to adopt the Plantic® material for commercial packaging.

Cadbury Schweppes

To develop an injection mouldable formulation that has appropriate mechanical properties (HDPE-like) for a bucket, appropriate surface finish, color and chemical composition to be an attractant to mosquitos laying eggs, and to be water resistant but biodegrade as a result of biological activity in the water (after the insecticide ceases to work) and in the soil beneath the bucket.

Plantic Technologies Limited, University of Queensland, Queensland Health, Swinburne University of Technology.

Plantic worked with Freitec Kunststoffe GmbH to develop a customised advertising product in the form of plants seeds packaged in a compostable blister as a green marketing initiative.

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Plantic® seedling and planter pots offer the opportunity to dispose the pots into domestic compost, where they will biodegrade to form compost for future plantings.

Plantic eco Plastic™ High Barrier technology is manufactured using state of the art technology. Plantic eco Plastic™ provides exceptional gas barrier, and excellent sealing with existing petrochemical lidding films.

Neat Meats is an New Zealand based meat supply business who prides themselves in full sustainability

Plantic eco Plastic™ High Barrier Trays are manufactured using state of the art technology and are distributed to consumers on a global scale.