Vacuum skin packaging range is recycle ready and is made for numerous applications. The materials are made to suit a variety of lidding materials as well as a variety of shelf life needs. These materials are considered recycle ready and with the benefits of unmatched environmental savings they are a popular choice for customers globally. All the materials in the range have the high barrier Plantic layer as the core to the pack.The vacuum skin range runs on a large of equipment and our experts are able to ready to assist with your needs. Contact us today for a full evaluation from equipment, shelf life to pack solutions.

PLANTIC™ RV – Easy peel applications using a combination of PET and PE

PLANTIC™ VL – Lock down application using a variety of PET and PE

PLANTIC™ PV – Paper board that can be run on standard roll stock machines

PLANTIC™ ES – High barrier PE based structure




Research & Development
Our Research & Development centre has a fully equipped laboratory complete with the necessary wet chemistry apparatus, thermal, mechanical and rheological analytical equipment.

Plantic Advantages

Plantic Advantages
Plantic Technology Ltd's primary feedstock for our plastics is a naturally high amylose starch , derived from corn which has been hybridised over a number generations.