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PLANTIC RV wins World Star Packaging Award

PLANTIC RV is not only a winner of a world star award but a finalist in the coveted Presidents award. The world star packaging awards are one of the major events for the World Packaging Organisation and is considered the pre-eminent award in packaging.

Following on from a win at the local PIDA awards allowed Plantic to be considered for the World Star awards. Neat Meats as the end user is proud to associated with these awards and is excited to be able to use a high performance and environmentally friendly material.

The PLANTIC™ RV is a high barrier Skin Pack material is manufactured using modern technology where Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) is combined with renewable sourced, high barrier PLANTIC™ HP sheet.The PLANTIC™ HP provides exceptional gas barrier and the rPET provides moisture/water vapour barrier to the structure.

PLANTIC™ RV tray and films for skin packaging are designed to meet the worlds demands for more environmentally friendly plastics. Using recycled PET sourced from Australia and New Zealand and PLANTIC HP as the barrier layer the total structure is made up off 93% renewable or recycled materials.

The rPET is sourced from recycled post-consumer PET bottles and trays together with in plant PET waste. Plantic HP barrier materials are made from renewable industrial crops including Corn and Tapioca.

By using recycled materials in the structure Plantic is committed to providing a outlet for the mountain of waste that is building up since the ban by China of waste plastics.